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Tooth decay can spread fast. So fast, that what needs a tiny filling today may need a root canal later in the year. At Smiles by Seese, we use minimally invasive dental fillings as part of our family dental care services to help you preserve as much natural tooth enamel as possible. This helps your tooth last longer, reduces the amount of treatment needed over time, and protects your smile’s natural appearance.

Tooth Color Fillings

Dr. Seese uses completely metal-free, white dental fillings. The benefits of using composite fillings make them the best choice for our patients.

White fillings provide you with restorations that:

  • Blend in with your natural enamel color
  • Are smaller than metal fillings
  • Are completely free of mercury
  • Can be placed on just about any tooth surface
  • Strengthen the tooth, rather than weaken it

Dental Fillings

When does a tooth need a filling? Any time a tooth breaks or has a cavity that extends past the first layer of enamel, intervention is necessary. Otherwise, the tooth decay will spread rapidly through the next layer of the tooth and into the nerve. During a dental filling, Dr. Seese will numb the area around the tooth and remove any damaged enamel. Then, tooth colored composite is placed into the opening and shaped to resemble a natural tooth surface. Last of all, a bright light is placed over the new filling to harden it into place.

White fillings bond directly with your tooth enamel, allowing them to be as small as possible and placed into some of the most unlikely areas. If you are experiencing any type of sensitivity to sweets, temperature or pressure, contact Smiles by Seese to schedule an exam and x-ray at your earliest convenience. We’ll check your tooth and help you make a smart choice when it comes to preventing the cavity from spreading.

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Call us (704) 895-5095
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Our Patients Testimonials

Susan H.

Always a smile I think Dr. Seese and his staff are just great. They are a great combination of professional experience and genuine concern for their patient.

Amy M.

Efficient and Friendly I was in for a six-month checkup and cleaning. The staff and the dentist are friendly, on time, and efficient. They handle insurance filing, and they send reminders. The location is convenient, and the office is pleasant and clean. Perfect!

Peggy D.

A sense of comfort when visiting a Dentist's office! Always a great experience due to their friendly, warm professional service.

Carter H.

Always a fun time Brian, Courtney, Donna, and Karen are a great team. I get good care and great friendship there! Highly recommend this dedicated practice.