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Great smiles speak for themselves. What if you need an entirely new smile? Smiles by Seese is empowering patients with new smiles from start to finish, thanks to our comprehensive denture program and other family dentistry treatments.

Dentures are full mouth tooth replacement prosthetics that give you brand new teeth and a brand new smile. Dr. Seese carefully designs each denture to enhance your natural facial anatomy as well as provide you with the aesthetic goals you already have in mind.

Each of our dentures are made of naturally shaded acrylic materials and include straight, white, beautiful artificial teeth that look like the real thing.

Full & Partial Dentures

There are two types of dentures:

Partial Dentures: A partial denture replaces only the teeth that are missing. It clasps into place around any healthy teeth that are still remaining. These dentures prevent additional extractions and maximize the health of the teeth that you already have.

Full Dentures: Full dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch at one time. There are no remaining natural teeth, as the denture creates a seal with the gum tissues across the entire arch.

Which one is right for you? Ask Dr. Seese about your denture options during your next checkup or call us for answers to any questions you may have.

Denture Repairs

Do you have a broken denture or chipped denture teeth? If you dropped your denture and it cracked, fractured, or is simply worn out - Smiles by Seese can help. We offer many different types of denture repairs to get you back on your way to smiling comfortably again. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at Smiles by Seese.