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Make Dental Visits a Priority

Davidson NC Family DentistLife is full of choices, and you must choose to prioritize these choices if you want to accomplish anything in life. Sleeping, eating, and working are easy to prioritize; yet, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and leaving work behind at the end of the day are often…

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Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Davidson NC General DentistPregnancy is a time in a woman’s life that is full of anticipation and excitement. Whether it is the first new baby to join a family or a younger sibling, every pregnancy is an exciting time. Most women know the importance of making prenatal appointments with their OB/GYN a…

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Gum Recession

Davidson NC DentistThe gum tissues inside the mouth play a vital role in your oral health. The gums not only help hold the teeth securely in place, but they also protect the roots and life of the teeth. Gum recession is a serious oral health concern because of how vulnerable it leaves your smile. It is also…

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Importance of a Good Dental Routine

Davidson NC General DentistWhen it comes to accomplishing good things in life, having a plan of action is always helpful. A routine is simply a plan that is created and then put into practice with the end goal in mind. Routines do not need to be complicated or hard to follow; in fact, the simpler…

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Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Oral Health

Davidson NC DentistSmoking causes significant problems to a person’s well-being. Tobacco is a highly addictive drug that causes physical and chemical changes in the body, having detrimental effects. While this drug is hard to quit, it is essential that tobacco users make the decision to stop in order to protect themselves…

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Can Chewing Gum Really Prevent Cavities?

Davidson NC Dentist OfficeEvery day inside your mouth there are millions of bacteria calling your mouth their home. These bacteria work to break down particles that are left behind after you eat and drink anything other than water. Yet, as these “helpful” bacteria go to work, they begin producing acids to…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Davidson NC Wisdom Teeth RemovalThe third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, typically try to erupt in the mouth between the ages of 15-25. They are called “wisdom” teeth due to this age of when most young adults are acquiring wisdom necessary for life. Not all people develop wisdom teeth, but…

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Root Canals

Davidson NC General DentistThroughout the globe, people only get one set of permanent teeth during their lifetime. Taking proper care of the teeth helps to ensure that they remain healthy and secure in the mouth for years and years. The teeth are living features within the human body, made up of two…

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Signs You May Have a Cracked Tooth

Davidson NC Urgent Dental CareAn emergency rarely happens when it is expected or convenient, yet they are always obvious. Or are they? While most emergencies present themselves with obvious signs that let you know…

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Dealing With Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common complaint among many people, and it affects everyone at different points in life. However, there are some people who struggle with bad breath constantly, and who find it debilitating to their social and professional lives. If you are troubled by constant bad breath, your dentist is your best advocate for finding a successful…

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