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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Davidson NC Wisdom Teeth RemovalThe third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, typically try to erupt in the mouth between the ages of 15-25. They are called “wisdom” teeth due to this age of when most young adults are acquiring wisdom necessary for life. Not all people develop wisdom teeth, but most do. Yet, most of the people who do develop wisdom teeth do not have room for them. Wisdom teeth removal is the most common oral surgery done throughout the United States to prevent, or correct, issues caused by these third molars.

Most mouths comfortably hold 28 teeth; yet, with the addition of the wisdom teeth, the mouth tries to hold 32. These four extra teeth can cause a great deal of trouble including:

  • Overcrowding in the mouth – a huge problem, especially for those who have already undergone orthodontic treatment.
  • Swollen, painful, and infected gums – due to the wisdom teeth rarely coming in at an appropriate angle, and typically becoming impacted within the gum line.
  • Bad breath – caused by infection and the inability to clean the back teeth well.
  • Jaw pain – from infection and the pressure that the wisdom teeth put upon the back teeth.
  • Jawbone damage – if the wisdom teeth are not removed, they will put severe pressure on the gum line and jawbone.
  • Headaches – pressure and pain in the back of the jaw can cause severe headaches to constantly plague people.

Wisdom teeth removal is typically done as a preventative surgical procedure in order to keep the mouth from harm. Dentists worldwide agree that removing the wisdom teeth before they cause issues and before they develop deep roots within the mouth is the best strategy. Patients also find that early removal of the wisdom teeth allow for faster and easier recovery periods.

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